Justine Vachon 

Founder of La petite veste rouge  

Every story has a beginning, and the LPVR story goes way back. In order to understand the essence of this project, combining mission, passion, experience, values and talent, it will be necessary to go back to the source, in the 90s, while Justine was still a child.  


From a young age, Justine felt the call of the quest for treasures. She likes to search chaotic and disorganized places in search of unique and rare objects. This type of environment stimulates her creative spirit, and she makes her first discoveries. Frequenting thrift shops and second-hand shops since her adolescence, she feels like a fish in the water.  


As a young adult, she is often asked where she finds the stylish clothes she wears. Many are surprised to learn the source! Justine has an innate talent, but she decided to deepen her knowledge by taking a fashion marketing course at Cegep Marie-Victorin in Montreal. She learns more about the composition of clothes, how to present them and touches on the different facets of entrepreneurship.  


Having added new strings to her bow, Justine began her career in the fashion industry by finding a position for a highly reputable luxury company. She will work for it for several years as part of the visual presentation team. With first-class access to the designer collections, she draws inspiration from textures, silhouettes refinement and high-quality details for her personal treasure hunt. Surrounded by other fashion buffs, she will bring her art to the next level of expertise and develop a particular eye for luxury.  


But far from being a superficial person, Justine quickly became aware of the heavy ecological footprint caused by the fashion industry. Wanting to remain authentic to her values and create a positive movement, she gives birth to LPVR in order to offer fashion enthusiasts a green alternative, where the purchase of a «new» piece becomes a conscious gesture for the planet.  


For Justine, consuming second-hand, reducing waste and investing in companies that share her values is a way of life.  


“We know that the Earth is in danger, we have the knowledge and scientists keep sounding the alarm. We must listen to them and act as quickly as possible.”  


LPVR actively contributes to environmental and ecological sustainability by offering a second life to beautiful timeless pieces. The collections are made of second-hand and vintage pieces, carefully selected to meet high quality standards. Justine is particularly fond of Canadian and European creations with noble materials that knew how to overcome the test of time. Through LPVR, Justine invites us to enter a colourful world, where the future is not only more stylized, but also much more conscious.